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July 2023

  • The Detroit Youth Choir won a Gospell Award in Las Vegas for their record Rockspell! Congrats!
  • Producer Jack Douglas has a new record label. Jack produced all the Aerosmith records. Cheap Trick. Super Tramp. The New Your Dolls. Patti Smith. John Lennon’s Imagine and Double Fantasy albums. The Detroit Youth Choir, and many more.

March 2023

  • A very gracious blog from photographer Ken Settle! Check out Ken's Facebook page.

February 2023

  • Great interview with Iggy, talking about the early days of the Detroit music scene, and then David Bowie. He gave Johnny a great shoutout near the beginning. Talked about Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels.

January 2023

October 2022

  • Rockspell featuring Detroit Youth Choir. Produced by our own legend Jack Douglas. Rockspell features the greatness of Detroit Youth Choir with musicians Johnny Bee Badanjek, Jimmie Bones, Garret Bielaniec, Paul Randolph. Click here to listen!

September 2022

June 2022
May 2022

Posted from Facebook page of Bob Krause:

The new album Johnny Bee And The Murder Hornets. "Arc Of The Sweeping Sky" came out on November 15 2021. The album is on over 250 download sites around the world and getting some rave reviews. CDs and T-shirts are available for purchase at The Band will start playing shows in the new year! BEE

The album cover artwork Stanley Mouse.

I want to thank Johnny Bee Badanjek and Tino Gross for their efforts and Frank Pettis for providing the majority of the photos.����


February 2022
  • "At Third Man Records in Detroit with Mary Cobra, Johnny Bee Badanjek, and Jimmy (Iggy Pop). Iggy was in town giving a reading of his new book about The Stooges, and how he met the Ashton Brothers, along with Director Jim Jarmusch who made The Gimmie Danger Movie. It was a great night. After the reading I went up and talked with Jimmy! We had many good times together. Thanks for sending your photo Greg Seizman!" Go here to read a story written by Johnny
  • Jimmie Bones Facebook: The powerful, healing, beauty of music. A few more photos and video clips from the ‘ROCKSPELL’ sessions. The incredible Detroit Youth Choir sounding so great on the Stevie Wonder song ‘As’. Jack Douglas is producing a project that I am so proud to be a part of along with my brothers Garret Bielaniec, Johnny Bee Badanjek, and Paul Randolph and this insanely talented choir. Hats off to Susan Michelson, Howard and Robin Schwartz, Chris Breest and everyone at Plymouth Rock Recording Company for making this happen to benefit the Dick Wagner "Remember The Child" Fund
January 2022
  • Artist Spotlight: Johnny Bee and the Murder Hornets

    Name: Johnny Bee and the Murder Hornets

    Line up: Johnny "Bee" Badanjek, vocals and drums; Jimmie Bones, keys; Garret Bielaniec, guitar; Mike Marshall, bass.

    Sound: Rock 'n' roll

    History: How much time do you have? Badanjek alone goes back decades in the Detroit rock scene as a drummer, and has performed and recorded with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Alice Cooper, Edgar Winter and many more. Johnny Bee and the Murder Hornets is his first solo project. The Murder Hornets' first order of business was to record a 12-song album, "Arc of the Sweeping Sky," produced by Detroit musician Tino Gross and released on his Funky D Records.

November 2021

  • New painting by Johnny
    36" X 72"
    DATE: FEBRUARY 4,- APRIL 9, 2021
  • Sister Mojo--Johnny Bee and the Murder Hornets--Funky D Records 2021
  • The new album will drop on November 15th. This is a pre-paid sample for listeners if they wanna buy early.
  • Added to Johnny's Discography page.  Two Alice Cooper albums:
    • Alice Cooper - Breadcrumbs
      Released on September 13, 2020 on Alive Records
    • Alice Cooper - The Detroit Stories Album
      Released on February 26, 2021 on Alive Records.
August 2021
June 2021
  • Check out Facebook article "30 years ago Nils Lofgren in Europe"
May 2021
March 2021
February 2021

More Cool Links about the new Alice Cooper CD:

  • Check out these Alice Coopers interviews about his new album Detroit Stories!

December 2020
  • The second new single is out from Detroit Stories album, Brand-NEW ALICE COOPER Music - Download "Our Love Will Change The World" + "Rock & Roll" NOW
  • Read about the new Alice Cooper CD Detroit Stories, here at Land Shark Promotions. Bee is drummer on this album!
  • Alice Cooper "Rock & Roll" - Official Visualizer - New album DETROIT STORIES out February 26  Watch on YouTube
November 2020
September 2020
  • Couple of new paintings by Johnny
      3 PANEL TRIPTYCH 57" X 72"
      DATE: APRIL 25- AUGUST-16, 2020
      36" X 72"
  • Couple of screengrabs from Fretprints article
  •        click to view larger
  • This article is from Vintage Guitar Player Magazine featuring Lead Guitar Player from the Sixties. I just happen to be in the picture they used of of Jim McCarty. I think I was 16 or17 years old!
  • The Rockets playing a Live Radio Simulcast from The Cleveland Agora Ballroom in 1978. There over a hundred radio stations across the country all tuned in at the same time. it was an exciting night!  Check it out here!
August 2020
  • WAY BACK WEDNESDAY  - The Detroit Band Featuring Mitch Ryder! L. To R. Steve (The Deacon) Hunter, Lead guitar. Mitch Ryder, Vocals, Johnny Bee Badanjek, Drums. John Sauter, Bass. Boot Hill, Piano. Mark Mango, Lead Guitar. Dirty Ed Okalski, Congas. Standing out front of the original Creem Magazine Offices down on Cass Avenue.
July 2020
June 2020
  • Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels shopping in New York City at The Village Squire! You have to dress em up!
  • Ron Domilici:  Visiting a local New York City haberdahery in 1966, Mitch Ryder and Johnny Bee the time both musicians were performing with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. That's Johnny Bee on the left side of the other shot smiling (just his profile). I first thought Joe Kubert was also in the right-side photo...but looking at other shots of him I'm not sure (UPDATE: It's Joe). I could be wrong of course. The band spent a few years living in New York City. In 1967 Mitch would leave the group and begin his short-lived solo career.

    New York City photos by Don Paulsen.

March 2020
  • Full band Performance shot with the Legendary guitarist, Dennis Coffey-This first Episode #1 was filmed by Emmy Award Winner Tony D'Annunzio for the upcoming show 'Six Degrees with Tino G' and will be airing on PBS in March-Stay tuned for updates and announcements
  • Check out this trailer of the new show on NPR. It'll be shown on March 21st.  6 Degrees with Tino G trailer
February 2020
  • Friday, Feb 21st, Sean Forbes show at Third Man Records that Tino and I are gonna play some tunes on.  Join us!
December 2019
  • Chrissie Hynde was only 16 when she first went to see Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels at an amusement park.  She met the band and could not stop talking about them.  Check out this video to hear what Chrissie says.
November 2019
  • Cool article at the FREEP with Alice Cooper and Jack White, and Kirk Gibson!
  • L. To R. Johnny Bee Badanjek, Paul Randolph, Garrett Bielaniec, Wayne Kramer, Producer Bob Ezrin, Alice Cooper!
October 2019
  • Celebrating John Sinclair's 70th Bday at Pj's Lager House.  Jim McCarty, Laith Al-Saadi, and Johnny Bee Badanjek!
September 2019
  • Johnny wrote this for his friend Eddie Money:
    This was a heartbreaker. I knew it was coming, but when it finally does and you hear about on the TV. It still hurts. Prayers and condolences to Eddie's wife and his kids. We've know each other for over forty years, playing shows and hanging out after gigs. Anytime The Rockets would play San Francisco for Bill Graham, Eddie would always come by and hang out. The wildman. He started out as a New York City Police Officer for a couple of years. Then he switched to drums. He said, after he heard "Devil With A Blue Dress" he decided to become a lead singer.
  • It was the right move. Eddie had that easy going swagger on stage with a great voice and he found success. I'll save the stories for later. I love you and already miss you, Eddie! May you rest in peace! Reach for the stars brother! Reach for the stars!
August 2019
  • Howling Diablos + Reefermen
    Sat. Aug 24th
    in the Big Pavilion, Gaylord, MI
July 2019
  • Another great photo backstage after the Alice Cooper Concert!
  • Alice Cooper's drummer Glen Sobel & Johnny Bee Badanjek at DTE Energy Theater. After show photo by Mary Cobra.
  • Just announced: New Alice Cooper EP "The Breadcrumbs" coming September 13, 2019
  • With Johnny "Bee" Badanjek, Mark Farne, Wayne Kramer, Paul Randolph and Mick Collins
  • Here's a photo of Billy Lee And The Rivieras playing in Detroit before they moved to New York City and with a name change became Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels!
  • Its Michigan Rib Fest Time !! July 4 thru 7th.

    July 6th! Also The Muggs The Beggars The StompRockets -with Tino G & Johnny Bee Canterbury Park Lake Orion 8:45PM

    July 7th! Also, you can check out The Kenny Parker Band featuring Jim McCarty And Johnny Bee Badanjek.
    Canterbury Park Lake Orion 4:45PM

  • Here's the band line up schedule.

Michigan Rib Fest 2019 Band Lineup. (*Subject to change)
Full event details at

July 4
8:30 to 10pm Supercrunch (Grateful Dead Tribute)
7:15 to 8:15pm The Refeermen
6 to 7pm Ricky Rat Pack
4:00 to 5:45 Mark Reitenga & Bobby East

July 5
8 to 10pm Melvin Davis: Detroit's Soul Ambassador & The Rockmill R&B Band
6:45 to 7:45 Tosha Owens
5:30 to 6:30 Jeremy Porter & The Tucos

July 6
8:45 to 10pm Robert Bradley
7:30 to 8:30 The Muggs
6:15 to 7:15 The Beggars
5 to 6 The Stomp Rockets
*4 to 4:45 Tino G's Dumpster Machine (could move to Sunday)

July 7
6 to 8pm Rattlesnake Shake: a tribute to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
4:45 to 5:45 Kenny Parker Band
3:30 to 4:30 The Candy Band

June 2019

  • Bee's outfit is displayed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio.
  • This is Johnny's original Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels outfit from 1964 in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame! Johnny also lent them a poster from one of their famous Ballrooms. It has Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels, The Shadows Of Knight, and The McCoys on the poster. That's hanging right behind his clothes!
  • Photo kindly sent to Johnny by Marion Miele Christiansen
  • If you can, pic up  copy of the Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine:

    Per Johnny:  I wish I could send the pages inside, they show all the musicians who paint or draw. there's a great little story on me and three paintings on the inside. This is the Cover painting that Robert Whitehall the owner and publisher of the magazine did.
  • Here's a video of Jimmie Bones And His Snakebit Wanderers along with Bee on the drums, in Lake Orion playing Bo Diddley's "Can't Judge A Book By Lookin' At The Cover!"
  • Jimmie Bones and the Snakebit Wanderers are very excited to perform next Saturday, June 22 at Helluva Fest 2019 and check this deal out!!!!!
    YOU ASKED for IT - SO they ARE Giving it to YOU! $20 "CREEK" wristbands for Friday Night June 21st at Helluva Fest. Wristbands are good for 7 pm - 11 pm at Hell Creek Ranch in Hell, Michigan to see the last 3 bands of the night, including Ty Stone, Joe Jaber, and Cloud Hoppers!
    Saturday night June 22nd at Helluva Fest. Wristbands good for 7pm - 11pm at Hell Creek Ranch to see CRUD. Jimmie Bones and the Snakebit Wanderers, and The Lows.
    PAYPAL to order your "CREEK" passes (must PAY TO FRIENDS & PAY FEE). Indicate date & names. Passes will be at the gate in your name Friday or Saturday Night!
  • Direct from Kid Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker Band...JIMMIE BONES and his band, The Snakebit Wanderers featuring legendary rock drummer, Johnny "Bee" Badanjek (Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, Alice Cooper, Edgar Winter, and The Rockets) Friday, June 21 @ Bikefest on the Grand -- Conestoga Campground -- Coopersville, MI.
  • Check out the YouTube Vid here
  • Bee was interviewed by Retro Kimmer's Blog on June 6, 2019, check it out here.

April 2019

  • Bee went to the Detroit Free Press opening at The Fillmore! Took part in the film about Barry Kramer who was the publisher of Creem Magazine and also the manager of The Detroit Band Featuring Mitch Ryder. Dave Marsh, Lester Bangs, Ed Ward, Ben Edmonds, all great writers.

March 2019

  • Bee's been in the recording studio Alice Cooper, Wayne Kramer from The MC5, Mark Farner from Grand Funk, Paul Randolph on bass, Garrett Bielaniec on guitar, and Amp Fiddler on Keyboards. Along with Producer Bob Ezrin.
  • Check out this Billboard Magazine Article saying what Alice has in store this year. 
February 2019
  • Johnny's playing a show with Jimmie Bones. Kid Rock's keyboard player from Twisted Brown Trucker Band up in Bay City! Saturday, Feb 23rd, Check out Info Here!
December 2018
  • Check out this fabulous painting by Johnny Bee "ERASING A COBRA WITH THE MOON ON A STRING".  Mary Cobra was out on the road with her band The Detroit Cobras opening for MC50 Tour.
  • A big shot out of thanks to Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins who let me jam with them one afternoon while hanging in Detroit and playing a gig at TMR. Couple pics oft of that afternoon on Blue Arrow Records!
November 2018
  • Check this out!!  'Still Kickin'-John Sinclair-Funky D Records .
    Don Was (4 tracks), Dave McMurray, Brother Wayne Kramer (MC5) , Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan's Band), Jimmie Bones, Kenny Olson, Jeff Grand, Kymberli Wright, Erik Gustafson, Harmonica Shah, Johnny Bee Badanjek and many others...You can download or get a CD right here:
October 2018
  • Oct 28th: I had the pleasure of meeting two great drummers last night. Brendan Canty from Fugazi and Matt Cameron, from Pearl Jam and Soundgarden! They were both laying down that Motor-city beat playing behind Wayne Kramer out on the MC50 Tour! The band was smoking last night Kickin' out all the jams! The Detroit Cobras were also on the tour and they sounded great doin they soul songs. I was hanging backstage with Brendan and Wayne Kramer, while we watched opening band Easy Action with John Brannon, who was screaming his jams to a jumpin' crowd. Somehow we got to talking about James Brown's drummers, and we started telling stories. many of James' drummers were from New Orleans. Hot Damn Baby! Jump back! The MC50 Tour now heads to Europe for twenty five Shows. So heads up people! Check it out if you get a chance. Much love and safe travels. And thanks to Mary Cobra who took this picture!
  • Come out to see Johnny Bee, Tino G along with Robert Bradley and more at the OktoBEER Festival in Ferndale, Saturday, Oct 6th.
September 2018
  • Robert Bradley-Close up and personal...
    This Friday - Sept 14 at 20 Front Street in Lake Orion
    RARE Appearance! Limited Seating-Get Tix now:
August 2018
  • Howling Diablos are playing Saturday night September 1st at Arts, Beats and Eats backing up Robert Bradley. 9:30 pm on the Rock Stage!
  • Detroit WDIV Channel 4 just made a short film on Robert Bradley!  Check it out here
July 2018
  • We'll be hitting' it again at Pig N Whiskey in Ferndale SAT July 14 - 6PM-ROBERT BRADLEY!
    Thanks Metro Times
  • Check this video out.... Its Bee telling a true story about Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels playing with Bo Diddley in New York City and eating a bunch of ribs after the show

  • One for the history books. Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels in Central Park, New York City. 1967!

    Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels, 1967
    James L. Ferraro
  • The Legendary Robert Bradley - Rib Fest Royal Oak -July 7
    Also appearing-Tino Gs Dumpster Machine!! — with Erik Gustafson, Mo Hollis, Dave McMurray and Johnny Bee Badanjek.

    Bee says: 
    " Come out and hear Robert sing all the hits!....The Governor! Susie Got A Baby! Share My Dream! California! Comin' down! 24 Robbers! Friday Night July 7th! Hot Damn Baby! It's The Michigan Rib Festival in downtown Royal Oak!"
June 2018
  • Here's a little clip from last Friday's show with Jimmie Bones and The Snakebit Wanderers at 20 Front Street in Downtown Lake Orion!
  • Johnny will be playing a few shows with Jimmie Bones, Kid Rock's keyboard player next weekend, June 22 and 23rd, here the link for the 22nd show in Lake Orion. Bay City is set for Saturday, 23rd.
April 2018
  • This COOL Funky D Sampler CD will be available at SOLO Records in Royal Oak (limited edition) this Saturday 4-21 for Record Store Day! Pick one up and hear AWESOME Funky D artists like Robert Bradley, Jimmie Bones, Horse Cave Trio, Tino G, Kenny Brown & Little Freddie King, plus a Brand New Collaboration from John Sinclair and Mississippi Slide Wizard Kenny Brown (RL Burnside)...WHOA! Don't Miss Out on these Treats! Special Record Store Day Funky D Sampler CD!
March 2018
February 2018
  • Monday, February 19, 2018.
    CELEBRATING DAVID BOWIE, Royal Oak  Bee attended the concert and hook up with a couple of his mates, including Carmine Rojas, Earl Slick, and Bernard Fowler.  The band did David proud.

  • Join the Howling Diablos at Callahan's for one last gig before the bar closes.  Saturday, March 3rd 8pm!
January 2018
  • Join the Howling Diablos at PJ's Lager House, Sunday, Feb 11th 7pm
    we're celebrating Robert Bradley's Birthday
November 2017
  • Howling Diablos new C.D. Record Release Party is Friday Night November 17th at Callahan's. Join us in the celebration!!
  • Must be 21+ to attend.
    This is a GENERAL ADMISSION event.
    Funky D Records is proud to announce the long-awaited and highly anticipated release of “Down In The Bend” by Detroit’s legendary vocalist and nationally known recording artist, Robert Bradley. Produced and co-written by Tino Gross, the album features Don Was, Dave McMurray, Jimmie Bones,Johnny ‘Bee’ Badanjek, Erik Gustafson, Bobby East, Jeff Fowlkes, Carlton Washington, Kymberli Wright, Beth Wilusz, Jeff Grand, the Funky D Horns, and more.
    Kenny Brown is best-known as RL Burnside’s ’Adopted Son’ for his lifetime of tutelage under the legendary bluesman and received critical acclaim both his 2003 Fat Possum release “Stingray” and 2008 “Meet Ya At The Bottom” on Funky D Records.
    Kenny appeared in the film, ‘Black Snake Moan’ with Samuel Jackson, and is regarded as the King of Slide Guitar from North Mississippi Hill Country and for his annual blues festival there.
October 2017
  • ROCKETS for New Years EveRockets scheduled to perform at the Token Lounge
    Saturday, Dec. 30th!!
  • Howling Diablos - Horse Cave Trio C.D. just came out on September 22nd on Funky "D" Records. The band recorded one of my songs "Fix Of Love" and I'm playing drums on the song.

    Added to my Discography page!
September 2017
  • Bee:  Spooner OldhamI went to Pj's Lager House yesterday to see Pegi Young, Neil's ex-wife. She sings and plays guitar. The band is called Pegi Young And The Survivors! She has a great band with her from Muscle Shoals and Fame Studio's. Here's a great pic of Me & Spooner Oldham, He's played on all those great Aretha Franklin tunes and Bob Dylan, and many Neil Young songs and tours. It was nice seeing Spooner again and having a chat. Phil Jones from Tom Petty on drums and Calvin Holly on guitar who played with Little Richard for twenty years. And Shonna on bass from the band Drive By Truckers. It was a wonderful time seeing old friends. God bless. Bee
  • Arts Beats and Eats 2017Howling Diablos with the Funky D Horns, ARTS BEATS & EATS, Sat. Sept 2nd 9:30 pm  JOIN US !



July 2017


March 2017


February 2017

    For Immediate Release

    2/1/2017 Flint, Michigan (click on image for PDF)
  • Callahan's Friday, March 31st

    Grande ALL STARS, including Johnny Bee
  • Poster for the 3rd Annual Dick Wagner Remember The Child Memorial at The Motor City Casino, Detroit.  More at the Facebook Event page
December 2016
  • Celebrate New Years Eve with the Howling Diablos & Reefermen at the Emerald Theatre
November 2016
October 2016
  • The Grande Ballroom 50th Anniversary Show poster October 8th show.
  • Check out Youtube the new John Sinclair C.D., John Sinclair 'Mobile Homeland' LP Fall Promo.  A bunch of musicians played on including Johnny.
September 2016
  • Live at Bigg's Bar & Grill
  • Saturday, Sept 24 4 PM
August 2016
    FRIDAY AUG 19 6:30 / 7:30 pm
    Art Van Parking Lot 32301 Woodward Royal Oak


    Kung Fu LOVERS
    SAT AUG 20

  • Howling Diablos at Port Sanilac Blues Festival.  FRIDAY AUG 5 9:30 pm
July 2016
  • Another cool poster for the Concert of Colors !! Tino Awesome !
  • See Howling Diablos at Metro Detroit's 24th Annual Diversity Festival CONCERT OF COLORS
    July 14 thru 17th 2016 Midtown Detroit FREE ADMISSION
  • Howling Diablos  Windsor Bluesfest
    Thursday July 14, 5;20 pm
  • RIBFEST July 2, 2016  Howling Diablos at MI Concourse, Pontiac, MI
June 2016
  • Howling Diablos
    Great Lakes
    Saturday, June 25
    Ford Field Park
    Northville, MI
April 2016

A few more "Friends" added to Bee's Scrapbook this month

  • Back stage at the Bruce Springsteen concert, The Palace of Auburn Hills
  • Martha Reeves of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and Bee
March 2016
  • Double Posters for The Howling Diablos Gig next Friday, March 25th at Callahan's  JOIN US wih the Stomp Rockets.

  • St. Paddy's Parade HOWLING DIABLOS Corktown Tavern, join them Sunday, NOON, March 13th !!
February 2016
  • Review of Feb 20th show for The Dick Wagner Remember The Child Memorial at The Fillmore from The Oakland Press
January 2016
  • Johnny shares his exciting story of David Bowie and Iggy Pop: "Someone posted the link from the news station that show up when we put Iggy Pop's hands in cement. Jimmy comes up in the beginning of the reel and gives me a hug. This was the night that David Bowie was in town and showed up. The news had already left and didn't get a shot of David. Iggy and David eat dinner together and David, and Iggy, and DJ Steve Kostan and myself ended up in the office chating for a while.

  • The Detroit Free Press written by Ben Edmonds just before New Years writes about Bee's talk with Don Henley and his show at The Fox Theater.
December 2015
  • Spend New Years Eve at the Fowling Warehouse with the Howling Diablos
November 2015
  • Show coming up with Howling Diablos on Dec. 19th to benefit The South Oakland Shelter
  • Click here to see how to buy tix in advance!!
  • Thanksgiving Eve, Weds, Nov. 25th Howling Diablos at PJ's Lager House join us!!
October 2015
  • Fri, Oct 30th Devils Night - Howling Diablos with the Reefermen at Mr. B's Royal Oak Come out to the Gig!
September 2015
  • Check out this website for The Tri-County Times about a session Bee had recently with Mark Farner and David Winans.  (Of course Farner wasn’t alone — Block always stocks the best musicians for these sessions. On drums is legendary Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, who recorded classics “Free Ride,” “Devil with a Blue Dress,” and played with Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. His drum breaks are recognized by Rolling Stone magazine.)
  • Arts Beats & Eats Howling Diablos PosterHowling Diablos Fri, Sept 25th Free Concert, Ford Field Park, Northville
  • More detail click on this flyer here!!

  • Arts Beats & Eats Howling Diablos PosterHowling Diablos perform at Arts Beats and Eats, Saturday Nite at 9:30, September 5th, Come On Out to the Party!!
  • View the Poster here!Friday Nite, 8/14 - Howling Diablos - Dream Cruise WeekEND! Pre-Cruise Party, O'Mara's wsg Orbituns and Royal Blackbirds
July 2015
  • Garfield BenefitJoin the Howling Diablos benefit for one of Detroit's much beloved brother's Garfield Angove, who was a bad-asse Blues Harp player and singer, with The Garfield Blues Band.
  • Northville GigThe Howling Diablos perform free show at Downtown Northville Town Center July 17th !!
June 2015
  • RibFestThe Howling Diablos perform (7:30 p.m. Friday) at the Royal Oak Rib, Beer & Music Fest, July 3-5
  • Fri 6/26 & Sat 6/27
    TYFEST '15 Main Stage
    Howling Diablos and Many More (click to see larger poster)

  • Saturday, June 20th, Howling Diablos - Be In A Video! at the Fowling Warehouse


May 2015
  • Saturday, May 16th, Howling Diablo's are at Callahan's in Auburn Hills.  Click on poster at right to view larger and details.


  • Live C.D. released by Michael Katon from a live festival show that was recorded in Holland back in 2008 called "Live From Moulin Blues


April 2015
  • Friday, April 10th, Howling Diablo's are gonna be backing up Jimmie Bones at this year's Music Awards show.  Click on poster at right to view larger and details.


February 2015
  • Don't miss the next Howling Diablo Gig at the Cork Town Tavern.  After the St. Patricks Day Parade Sunday, March 15th!!


February 2015
  • Johnny with Mark Farner and Tony TonyB

November 2014
  • November 8, 2014 -
    METRO D 10 Alarm
    with the Howling Diablos

September 2014
  • Don't miss the next Howling Diablo Gig at the Magic Stick Saturday, Sept 20th.
  • Check out the YouTube Video Promo - Magic Stick Promo Rock N Roll Revival-Funky D Records - Video


July 2014
  • Pic of Don Was & Johnny Bee Badanjek at The Concert Of Colors

A few reviews of Rockets performance at Ted Nugent Concert .
The Rockets played a trim 30-minute set, which proved to be a dizzying race through the band’s most taut crowd-pleasers. The energy level was set high right out of the gate and didn’t wane throughout the bands frenetic set.

  • A backstage pic of Johnny Bee Badanjek from The Rockets, with Ted Nugent lead singer Derek St. Holmes.

  • Saturday's Show July 26th in St. Clair RiverFest opening for John Wait
  • The Howling Diablo's at The Concert Of Colors playing on Sunday July 13th. Get funky in the city! more info here with article posted by Sally O'Mally Schoeder on Facebook
  • The Wyandotte Art Fair starts on Wednesday July 9th and running till Saturday July 12th. Featuring Johnny Bee Badanjek and Amy Chenier!
  • The Rockets open for Eddie Money at DTE . Click on image to see larger article.
June 2014
  • Big Paintings Poster- click to view info
May 2014
April 2014
  • Bee was in Texas this month recording some new song's with Ted Nugent


January 2014
Michael Katon & The Hell Town Blues Band
UK/European Tour 2014
GB=Great Britain
NL=The Netherlands

fr 24.01.2014 GB Newcastle Blues Club Forest Hall
sa 25.01.2014 GB Kinross Green Hotel Backstage - Scotland
so 26.01.2014 GB Skegness Rock & Blues Festival
mo 27.01.2014 GB Oxford Jericho Tavern - Famous Monday Blues
di 28.01.2014 GB London 100 Club
mi 29.01.2014 GB Wolverhampton Robin 2
do 30.01.2014 GB Chislehurst Beaverwood - London
fr 31.01.2014 GB Sutton Boom Boom Club - London
sa 01.02.2014 GB Darwen Library Theatre - Darwen (Lanashire)
so 02.02.2014 GB - TBA
mo 03.02.2014 GB - TBA
di 04.02.2014 GB - The Talking Heads - SouthHampton
mi 05.02.2014 GB - TBA
do 06.02.2014 GB -The Buck Hotel Reeth - Yorkshire
fr 07.02.2014 GB Caerphilly Patriot Inn - Wales
sa 08.02.2014 GB Colwyn Bay Park Hotel - Wales
9.02 travel like a muhfuka - UK to Europe
11.02. D - Bremen/Meisenfrei
12.02. NL - Boxtel/Eet Cafe
13.02. NL - Spijkeniese/De Fles
14.02. NL - Belfeld/De Hamar (acoustic show)
15.02. NL - Ommen/Calluna
16.02. NL - Roermond/De Weegbrug
17.02. D - Nürnberg/Pegnitzbühne
18.02. TBA
19.02. D - Hamburg/Downtown Bluesclub
20.02. TBA
21.02 FR - Arras/Blue Devils
23.02. NL - Eibergen/De StierFebruary
February 25th - ES - Barcelona - RockSound
February 26th - ES - Monzon - Serjos Zona Rock
February 27th - ES -Madrid - La Boite
February 28th - ES- Basque Country - Donostia - Sala Doka
March 1st - ES- Basque Country - Vitoria - Helldorado
Check out the two Spain Tour posters!!
December 2013
  • Watch/Listen to the Rockets Rock and Roll on YouTube
  • Another Article from Real Detroit Weekly:

    The Rockets
    All Rockets Are Go!
    by Robert del Valle

  • Thurs., Dec. 26th, WDET picked 'Return of The Funk Hand'- Howling Diablos 'Best National Records of 2013'
November 2013
  • From MY DAMN CHANNEL the Howling Diablos
    "Car Wash" Video check it out here

    Recorded live at the 6th DON WAS DETROIT ALL-STAR REVUE at the 21st CONCERT OF COLORS, July 7th, 2013
    Meijer Main Stage, Orchestra Hall, Detroit, MI
  • Yamaha Photo Shoot with Brett Tuggle
    Published on Nov 5, 2013
    Backstage with Brett Tuggle of Fleetwood Mac for his Yamaha All Access photo shoot. He talks about his struggles as a starving artist, his big break (or two), and what young artists should do to make their dreams come true!
October 2013
  • Detroit Free Press, October 5, 2013 - New albums coming from Eminem, Danny Brown, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Howling Diablos
September 2013
  • Bands Together Against Cancer Fund Raiser featuring the Howling Diablos. More Info here !
August 2013
  • Added to Bee's Gallery, backstage pic with after the Eric Burden show at Freedom Hill on August 25, 2013.
  • Arts Beats Eats 2013Poster for Howling Diablos at Arts Beats and Eats, Labor Day weekend.
  • Couple of pics of Johnny with his former boss "Edgar Winter". Edgar performed at Freedom Hilll. Check ot the picasn Bee's Gallery,
July 2013
  • Detroit's Howling Diablos in September Issue of Europe's Rock and Pop Magazine (Czech) !  Rock Legend Ivan Kral interview's Tino for Czech Rock Mag! Read it here, although it is in Czech!!
June 2013
  • There's another artist in town capturing Bee and here's one by Wally Hernandez. Wally works every Sunday in Eastern Market drawing all the senior's outside Berts Warehouse. He did a real good rendition!
  • Added to Bee's Gallery, backstage pic with Bee at the Stevie Nicks concert in 2013.
  • Added to Bee's Gallery under Scrapbook, 3 pics courtesy of Steve Galli photography: Neal Schon from Journey, Lou Reed and Carl Perkins.
  • Iggy Pop was interviewed recently for the 400th episode of the WTF Podcast by Marc Maron. He mentions Johnny Bee about 40 mintes into the interview. Check it out here
  • Bee did an interview with the author Steve Miller, of Detroit Rock City book. Talking abot Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels.
  • Concert Of Colors Poster. This is the big Don Was show he puts on every year to help the City of Detroit
  • A new movie about the Detroit Rock & Roll scene called "Detroit Rocks" has a snippet about Johnny. Go here to see via the Retro Kimmer wesite!!
  • June 21 at the Magic Bag with The Howling Diablo's, Horse Cave Trio and The Royal Blackbirds - Check out the varied cool outworl these Posters by clicking on the image.

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  • Dirty Show 14 - Held Over - New Pick Up Date!
  • Valentines 2013Spend Valentines Day 2013 with the Howling Diablos at the Lager House