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Welcome to my Books Page, these are books or magazines that I've read or have an article about me. I highly recommend these for your reading enjoyment.

Johnny Bee

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The Birth of The Detroit Sound
Birth of Detroit Book
Cream Magazine Book
Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties (Excerpt)
American Bandstand
Sixties Rock Drummer
American Bandstand
A-Z of Rock Drummers
American Bandstand
Big City Blues
Guitar Army
Big City Blues
Guitar Army
Ludwig Drum
Modern Drummer
Ludwig Drum Company
Modern Drummer
Mouse Art
Mouse Art
Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs
Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of
Rock & Roll
Rrolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs
Working Musicians
The Big Beat
Ludwig Drummers
Johnny Inside Ludwig

Detroit Rock City

Grit Noise and Revolution

Sticks & Skins

Not Only Women Bleed